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Herkimer Diamond has metaphysical properties including healing, increasing spiritual energy and opening up the crown and third eye chakras. Known as the 'Stone of Attunement', Herkimer diamond can be used to help those looking to experience astral travel or have lucid dreams.  It can be used as a magnifier to amplify the spiritual energy of other gems. The brilliant clarity of these stones helps to bring balance to the chakras, to cleanse the negative energies by transmitting a high vibrational frequency and clearing blocked energy.


Ring can be made with gold or silver copper wire. 



A herkimer diamond will be chosen intuitively for you.



Ring size must be chosen.



Please note, no crystal is exactly the same as they are natural stones.  They may slightly vary in color, size, and shape.  They may have natural flaws in them, which is what makes each of them unique.

Herkimer Diamond Wire-Wrapped Ring

  • Net Product Weight: 0.07 oz

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