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Minnie Love Bracelet was inspired by her beautiful bow.  She comes in three color styles - Style 1 (Carnelian + Black Tourmaline), Style 2 (Yellow Jade + Kunzite + White Jade), Style 3 (Carnelian + Black Tourmaline + Yellow Jade), and the option for one charm or two charms.


Standard size bracelet is 7 inches.  If you would like a smaller or bigger size please select Custom + size in the Style option and add your customization in the "I would like to Customize..." field. Design will be altered slightly to accommodate the new size.


If the two charm option is specified, you will get a bow + a hand charm.  The bow color will be based on the Style bracelet you chose.



Aquamarine: Courage | Creativity | Clarity | Balance

Moonstone: Patience | New Beginnings | Healing | Abundance

Jade: Luck | Harmony | Balance | Prosperity

Howlite: Peace | Patience | Stress Reliever



Your crystals are hand-picked with every bracelet created.



Please note, no crystal is exactly the same as they are natural stones.  They may slightly vary in color.  They may have natural flaws in them, which is what makes each of them unique.

Minnie Love Bracelet

  • Product Weight: 0.5 - 0.6oz

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